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Santa Clarita DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, it is vital that you contact a Santa Clarita DUI defense lawyer from Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP at once. Legal counsel from our firm should get involved early in the case if you are hoping to defend your charges and to avoid conviction. Our legal team is recognized for their legal abilities in both criminal and DUI cases. Our team includes former law enforcement officers, public defenders and prosecutors, with a firm grasp on the workings of the criminal justice system and how to successfully navigate, negotiate and fight for clients accused of any DUI charge.

DUI Lawyer Serving Valencia, Saugus, Castaic, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch and Canyon Country

Our firm has been AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest peer review rating, based on accomplishment and professionalism. We bring high-quality and aggressive legal counsel to the table for our clients and are determined to fight on every front for the defense. The defense case could include challenging blood test evidence, breath testing evidence and procedure, field sobriety testing, as well as lab evidence, police procedure and any other viable defense possibility.

We carefully evaluate every aspect of the case against our client, seeking out the errors and flaws that can be exposed to the court. In many cases, our fast defense actions have led to a case dismissal, allowing our client to walk free without the severe repercussions that a conviction will bring. We know the tricks of the defense trade and recognize that in even the most complex of situations that there are defenses that can be utilized. No matter how daunting you feel that it might be, we encourage you to contact us. We have a comprehensive approach and will do everything that we can to help you.

DMV Hearing

One of the most important aspects of a DUI case is one that actually doesn't deal with the criminal process at all. The DMV hearing refers to a civil case that strictly determines the future of your driver's license. Following an arrest, you will only have a mere 10 days with which to request this hearing. If you do not, you will be forced to suffer from a mandatory driver's license suspension. At our firm, we recognize how daunting it can be to deal with this hearing and we are prepared to help you both schedule it and help to represent you. Click here to read more about DMV hearings.

Santa Clarita DUI Attorney – Defending Your Best Interests

At our firm we recognize the penalties for DUI and know the severe consequences that they carry. If you have been charged with multiple DUI and are now facing a felony DUI, if you have been arrested for a DUI involving drugs, or even if you have a child that was charged with an under 21 DUI, we encourage you to contact our legal team. We are able to handle cases both on the state and federal levels and are not deterred by complex situations.

From BUI cases to DUI car accidents (such as DUI and injury and intoxication manslaughter), we have proven that we can be counted on. We are also able to help drivers deal with the legally complicated out of state DUI cases. So don't despair! If you believe that you "failed" a field sobriety test, refused to take the breath test or if you are dealing with an undesirable blood test result, you can trust that we will be there to help you. We are extensively experienced in criminal defense and are prepared to help you fight for your best interests in even the most daunting of situations.

Our recognized Criminal Defense Department brings solid legal support for those who are facing either misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, including cases in which loss of life or serious injury accidents are part of the alleged criminal act. These cases demand the highest quality legal representation and our firm are committed to developing a case for the defense for our clients that are facing these dangerous legal situations.

Were you arrested for drunk driving in the Santa Clarita Valley? Contact a Santa Clarita DUI defense attorney from our firm at once if you are searching for a high quality team to defend your case.

We are proud to serve clients throughout Santa Clarita, including Valencia, Saugus, Castaic, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, and Canyon Country.

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