Santa Clarita DUI Defense Lawyers

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DUI arrests can happen in a variety of ways. Maybe you were pulled over by an officer due to suspicious driving conduct, stopped at a sobriety check point, in a collision, or pulled over for some other matter. You may have been subject to a field sobriety, or blood or breath test, and failed. These results could lead to you facing DUI charges and some pretty serious penalties if convicted.

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If you were arrested for DUI, you need the assistance of our Santa Clarita DUI lawyers immediately. Do not believe that you are automatically going to be found guilty simply because you were told you failed a test.

Cases We Handle

The penalties you may face if convicted of DUI can be daunting, but we are dedicated to protecting your rights and our goal is to help you avoid any potential consequences. There are types of DUI offenses that you can be charged with, some more severe than others. We are aware of these charges, and we have a comprehensive understanding of all laws relating to DUIs.

Our firm represents clients facing all types of DUI offenses in Santa Clarita, including those involving:

We can often work to exclude evidence by challenging its validity. This can lead to a reduction, or complete dismissal, of the charge. Call Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP to discuss your case with our Santa Clarita DUI defense attorneys and we can begin constructing your personalized strategy.