Did Your Refuse a Breath Test?

Fight for Your Rights with Our Santa Clarita DUI Defense Lawyers

Breath tests are used by law enforcement to measure a person's blood alcohol content (BAC). Generally, the officer that stops you or is on the scene at of a DUI accident will conduct field sobriety tests in order to determine whether they believe you are intoxicated. If so, you may be asked to consent to a breath test. If your BAC is over .08%, you will be arrested and charged with DUI.

If you or someone you care about has recently been arrested based on a failed breath test, or refusal to consent, it is crucial that you speak with a competent Santa Clarita DUI attorney at our firm about your situation. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we have found ways to combat breath test evidence, and protect individuals who refuse to take them. There can be errors and inaccuracies involved in these types of tests and you will need a seasoned lawyer that, after going through the facts and evidence, can recognize any discrepancies or shortcomings in the testing that was administered and also convey this information in court.

If you were arrested after a breath test, we can work to uncover errors such as:

  • Inaccurate calibration
  • Untrained officer testing
  • Faulty equipment

We Protect You from Faulty Breath Tests

At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals facing charges for DUI. A partner at our firm is certified on the Alco-Sensor IV Breath-testing device and our entire legal team is certified in standardized field sobriety testing and administration. These areas of vast knowledge are beneficial for the defense in cases where a DUI results from a simple traffic stop or even a DUI checkpoint.

Whether you were found to be over the legal limit through the use of breath testing, or refused to consent, we are committed to zealously advocating your legal rights and interests in and out of the courtroom, and we will provide you with the high level of representation you need and deserve in your case. We will fight for your rights, as well as work to secure the most favorable result possible to help you avoid or minimize the penalties you are facing.

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