Were You Involved in a DUI Accident?

Our Santa Clarita Attorneys Fight to Defend Your Rights

When an arrest is made at the scene of an accident for driving under the influence (DUI), devastating consequences could result, especially if there were injuries or fatalities. If you or someone you care about has recently been in an accident and arrested for DUI, you will need to obtain the services of our seasoned Santa Clarita DUI lawyers.

If convicted, you will likely face penalties for a DUI such as:

  • Incarceration
  • Loss of your driving privileges
  • Mandatory substance abuse program or classes
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Adverse impact on your legal record

The impact on your criminal record can have long-lasting implications. It can make it very difficult to find and maintain employment, as well as limit your housing options, as anyone who conducts a simple background check will be able to see past arrests, charges, and convictions.

It is vitally important that you do not wait to speak with an attorney. After a DUI arrest is made, you will have only 10 days (after the date of your arrest) to request a DMV hearing. If you do not make this request, your right to this hearing will be waived and your driver's license will be automatically suspended. You also speak with your lawyer before answering questions that law enforcement or prosecutors may have for you. You have the right to remain silent and you should exercise this right.

Experienced Advocacy You Can Trust

At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, you will find an exceptionally qualified legal team that has a proven record of success in a vast range of DUI legal matters. Our 25 years of experience allows us to dedicate our practice to protecting your rights. Whether this is the first time you have ever been in trouble, or you have multiple DUI arrests and / or convictions in your past, our legal representatives know how to build an effective defense strategy to help you fight the charges you are facing.

Our attorneys have a unique and beneficial perspective in that we have previously served in positions as law enforcement, prosecutors, and public defenders before founding our practice in 1987. This creates a well-rounded team to provide you with the high level of representation you need and deserve in your DUI defense matter. We are committed to zealously advocating our clients' best interests and legal rights, and will seek the best possible result to help preserve your future freedom, legal record, and respectability.

Contact our Santa Clarita DUI accident attorneys now to confidentially discuss the details of your DUI accident case.