Does Your DUI Arrest Involve Drugs?

In addition to alcohol, driving under the influence can also apply to drugs. The drugs involved do not necessarily even have to be illegal substances. Prescription or over-the-counter medication can also lead to a DUI drug arrest because these drugs can severely impair your driving and cognitive abilities. Whether you were arrested for a DUI with marijuana or a legally prescribed drug, you should be aware that the circumstances of a DUI arrest involving drugs are very different from a DUI arrest with alcohol. It is important to have an experienced attorney by your side to help you build a solid defense.

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If convicted of DUI with drugs, you may be up against jail time, heavy fines, and a suspension of your driver's license. Repeat offenses carry even harsher fines and longer jail sentences. Think twice before tackling your DUI drug case alone. Our highly respected defense lawyers are eager and ready to help.

Understanding Your DUI Drug Case

The charges concerning a DUI with alcohol arrest are far more established than a DUI drug arrest. This means that DUI arrests involving drugs are often more arbitrary and are performed with lower legal standards than typical DUI alcohol cases. Unlike DUI alcohol cases, DUI drug arrests do not utilize a "blood alcohol concentration (BAC)" number to indicate legal limits of impairment.

Our firm can help you craft a fierce DUI drug defense by:

  • Scrutinizing your blood or urine samples
  • Challenging the accuracy of your samples and tests
  • Identifying discrepancies in the prosecution's evidence
  • Questioning the validity of your DUI stop and arrest
  • Zealously negotiating beneficial terms with the prosecution

Test results are sometimes demonstrated to be inaccurate, and it is possible to prove to the court that the individual's abilities were not impaired.

Beat Your Charges with Help from Our Santa Clarita DUI Lawyers

In court, you will be facing a prosecutor who is backed by the combined forces of law enforcement officials and investigators. Utilize our seasoned knowledge of DUI defense to help you overcome your charges. All of our attorneys are certified to administer field sobriety tests, which gives us an invaluable advantage because we understand the flaws of this process. Our team also regularly attends DUI defense seminars and lectures to continually polish our legal techniques and comprehension.

We can make it difficult for the prosecution to convict you, and may even get your charges reduced drastically or dropped altogether!

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