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Expungements can be used to remove convictions from your criminal record.  After serving your sentence and successfully completing your probation, expungements can help clean up your past mistakes. 

With an expungement, you can benefit from better opportunities in:

  • Employment
  • Qualifying for educational loans
  • Obtaining professional licenses
  • Social circles (removing the stigma of a criminal record) 

An expungement can be sought by applying for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which is essentially a document requesting a pardon from the Governor. Or, you can also file a Record Clearance, which is basically a petition to the court for expungement.

It's time to give your life a fresh start, and a fair chance!
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Let Us Help You Prepare for Your Hearing

Proper preparation for the expungement hearing is vital to the outcome of your request.  Although it may seem simple to complete paperwork on your own, you will need guidance on how to handle appearing before a judge. A skilled lawyer can oversee your preparation and improve your chances of a favorable hearing.

Our lawyers can lend our support to your hearing by:

  • Calling the right witnesses to testify to your good character
  • Filing the appropriate legal declarations and outlining the specific circumstances of your case and conduct
  • Helping you present compelling reasons for your expungement petition

Why endure a lifetime of punishment with a criminal record? Once you have atoned for your past and completed the terms of your sentencing, you should be able to assimilate back into society without having to worry about disclosing a criminal conviction on applications.  While there a few exceptions in disclosures, such as applying for public office or licensing for certain state applications, an expungement generally allows you to be free of the social stigma associated with a criminal record. 

Importance of an Expungement Attorney

In January of 2008, California changed their expungement laws.  Prior to this change, anyone convicted of DUI, vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, or evading a police officer had to only fulfill their sentence and probation to have their record expunged. 

With the new law, a formal court hearing before a judge is required. Your hearing judge will have complete discretion on whether your criminal conviction will be removed or not.  Because the introduction of this new method of request, having a reputable Santa Clarita DUI lawyer by your side to assist you can make a big difference in the outcome of your motion.

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